Roland JC-77

80W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Roland

Description 80 watt stereo guitar amp with chorus and reverb.
Posted By Darren Chan (17)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 10/15/1999, Darren Chan (17) posted:
Overall Rating:
Overall, I would give it 3 and a half stars (there's no option for this!)Reliable, solid amp with great clean tone and an amazing chorus effect.
Price: $400.00 Australian
Where Obtained: Private sale
A two channel amp with tone controls, two inputs, reverb, chorus switch(manual, fixed) and chorus rate and depth, tone controls, distortion channel, line out and footswitch inputs. Could do with effect send/return inputs and extension cab output though.
Sound Quality:
This amp is renown for it's crystal clean tone(hence the definitive jazz amp). This amp will not break up no matter what volume level! Forget the distortion channel, it's crap - better running a decent preamp or effects unit for distortion/overdrive. The chorus is heavenly, very natural and spacious due to fact it's in stereo.Can run an electric acoustic thru it with decent results. Four stars definitely for the clean tone and the chorus.
Ease of Use:
Read what the knobs do, they do it!
Basic framework of the amp seems to be made of plywood- however this amp is tough as bricks and totally reliable.Has never broken down on me.