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Description TablEdit gives you the ability to write scores in standard notation and tablature with chord charts for multple instruments. You can also export MIDI files with TablEdit.
Posted By Matt Ellis (47)
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On 3/14/2000, Keith G. Saturn (93) posted:
Overall Rating:
TablEdit 2.40 was released March 12th, 2000.

TablEdit is a program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music (standard notation) for guitar and other fretted, stringed instruments.

Although TablEdit was originally written by a guitarist, for guitarists, the author consults extensively with experts on other instruments. Because of this, TablEdit also supports tablature and standard notation for harmonica, mountain dulcimer, diatonic accordion, drums, violin, lute, tin whistle, recorder and banjo (even taking into consideration the special aspect of the fifth string).

TablEdit can open/import ASCII, MIDI, ABC, Bucket O' Tab, Tabestry and Wayne Cripps files, as well as files created by earlier versions of TablEdit. Files can be saved in TablEdit format or exported to ASCII, ABC or MIDI formats.
Price: $55.00 (new)
Where Obtained:
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists
Improvements and enhancements in TablEdit 2.40 include:

  • Duration error color user selectable

  • Non-modal Jukebox. It becomes a panel of the main window granting direct access to the buttons of the tool bar.

  • Editing of tablatures for Tin Whistle and Recorder (Select "Tin Whistle" or "Recorder" in the tuning dialogue)

  • Printout of effects in "Notation only" print mode

  • Improvements in the "Beam break" function. The break is applied only to notes at a single position. Thus, for example, it becomes possible to separate the first of a series of four 1/16th notes from the remaining three without breaking the beam connecting these.

  • Complete reworking of the "Print preview" function (10 times faster, two-page mode, zoom from 12% to infinity)

  • New grace note type, "grupetto".

  • Adjustable position of rests within the stave (Select the rest marker then type [+] or [-]) Centered texts

  • Suppression of alterations in the menu.

  • Improved tool bar management

  • General dynamic symbols added to tabledit.ttf and other changes. You must uninstall the old font and relaunch TablEdit in order to take advantage of the changes

  • Implementation of page number offsets (useful for printing out a collection comprised of multiple .tef files)

  • Insert/Delete function based on the current duration and secured to avoid loss of notes

  • MIDI import of triplets and pitch-bends

  • New "Optimize Fingerings" option in Midi Import dialogue.

  • Re-name function (8+3 to longer) for .tef files based on tune title (32-bit version ONLY).

  • Display of pre-bends within square brackets

  • MIDI playback time counter recalibrated to take into account tempo changes and relative speed.

  • Direct on-screen editing of texts by clicking on the concerned text.

  • Improved management of lyrics (texts beginning with the ">" character are separated with each space being aligned on a note position

  • Instantaneous tuning changes (for the management of Pedal Steel Guitar). Replaces negative note values. The effect is anchored directly to the affected note (or notes)

  • Ability to select background color to notes for emphasis

  • Color display of markers/anchors (cross for texts, dots for musical effects, squares for inserted objects and lozenges for beam breaks, line breaks, measure type changes)

  • Ability to change measure types (for example display of a 4/4 measure with 2/2 (cut-time) beaming)

  • Improved management of grace notes in the notation (slurs and alterations)

  • Ability to change reading guide vertical position (type [:] or [$] then [+] or [-])

  • Support for staccato (Special effects)

  • Ability to print odd or even pages (Page Layout).

  • New &d or &D macro for inserting the current date in the footer (Page Layout).

  • New Playback Cursor Latency corrector (Advanced Options).

  • New shortcut keys [Ctrl]+[Up] and [Ctrl]+[Down].

  • Ability to change fingerings (markers) vertical and horizontal positions
Ease of Use:
I must admit, as the person who handles English language support and distribution I am biased, however, before I became involved with using TablEdit, and later on distributing and supporting TablEdit, I searched very seriously for an application that allowed for easy conversion from MIDI files and standard notation to tablature. None of the other applications I encountered came close to TablEdit for features and ease of use.

Add to that the fact that Matthieu (TablEdit's author) is very open to suggestions for ways to improve TablEdit and often implements the suggestions in the very next version and it is clear that TablEdit is more than just a TAB editor.
On 2/11/2000, Ron Brewer posted:
Overall Rating:
Price: $55.00 (new)
Where Obtained:
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists
Not limited to just guitar, or any one tuning. The only way to see the quality of this program is to have you download and try it yourself. Transposes, enter from sheet music, to anykind of tuning, play with or without rhythm, add other instruments, ... unbelievable
Ease of Use:
On 1/31/2000, Thom Leighton (43) posted:
Overall Rating:
While being a very good resource for learning Tab, some of it's limits do create a slight problem. With the bends not working out properly, you cannot properly hear how the bend should sound. But, for the most part, it is extremely handy and I am glad that I have it.
Price: $55.00 (new)
Where Obtained: From the Homepage
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists
It has just about everything you need to create your own Tab sheets.
Ease of Use:
Sometimes the bend notes don't work out properly.
On 10/12/1999, Matt Ellis (47) posted:
Overall Rating:
Great Program I'm sure that I have not even scratched the surface of what it is capable of. I'm really begining to like these shareware programs. It's a lot better than spending $300 plus for a commercial package. Download the demo from their web site and give it a try.
Price: $55.00 (new)
Where Obtained:
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists
Great software designed for guitarists. Very good for taking tablature and moving it to standard notation or vise a versa. It's MIDI export and play back functions are great you can even create your own percussion patterns. I like to use it for making basslines lines to jam along with or working on new songs. Also a great way to share musical ideas with your friends.
Ease of Use:
The help for this program is very useful and the toolbars give you you easy way to access the most used functions. Look in the help files for shotcut keys.