Yamaha AEX500N


Made by Yamaha

URL http://www.yamaha.com/
Description This is a nylon string acoustic archtop style guitar. It is not a true archtop guitar, but simply follows the design. The guitar is about 3 inches thick, the top is spruce, body alder - the bolt on neck is maple and the fretboard is rosewood.
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Member Reviews

On 10/3/1999, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
I absolutely love this guitar. I am biased towards nylon strings - how else can you practice for 4 hours a day and get no visible callouses on your fingers? The neck is small enough for my thumb to reach over to the top and still chord.

It is the perfect mix between my classical training and my desire to be Cheryl Crow!
Model Year: 1998
Price: $350.00 (new)
A single piezo pickup mounte to the bridge with a 3-band graphic EQ and a volume control knob. I think that is the bare minimum (with the exception of the EQ) is the bare minimum to be considered an electric guitar.
Although I do have some problems getting a true tone after the 19th fret (probably due to the nylon strings) I do not attempt to play rock on this guitar and therefore do notspend a lot of time in the upper register.
Sound Quality:
This guitar can be played completely unplugged - giving a nice sound through its 3 inch hollow acoustic body. That is... unless you want to record. In that case it sounds a little tinny. I have played through various amps and effects (distortion, ring modulation, wah-wah, flange, reverb) and have been extremely pleased with the tones.
It could just be my paranoia, but I think if you treat this guitar the way you would treat Segovia's first guitar that he personally autographed and gave to you then it will survive for years. I purchased a hard case because the body particularly the top seems very thin to me. There are no tension rods visible in the bolt on neck - so I am trying to keep this guitar in a climate controlled environment.