Memphis Les Paul


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Description A used Les Paul I bought for 100 clams. Pretty decent but in shoddy condition. Still has classic Les Paul tone.
Posted By Jason Reich (1765)
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On 12/17/1999, Jason Reich (1765) posted:
Overall Rating:
This guitar was once at the top of its game, but is now just a Cal Ripken jr. I wouldn't spend more than 200 bucks on it, so why does it get a 3 star rating? I paid 100 bucks, period, end of review,
Price: $100.00
Where Obtained: Lark Street Music
It's a Les Paul copy. That means two H pickups, fixed tune-a-matic bridge. Volume and tone for each pickup, rosewood fingerboard, black finish, creme binding.
This guitar is great for slide work thanks to its flat fretboard. The guitar is quite heavy as most Les Pauls are (Which lends to its thick sound). The fretboard is a little old, with heavy buzzing on the upper register for my low E. Otherwise its pretty good.
Sound Quality:
This guitar can really roar. The thick, low end rythym sounds this thing is capable of are awesome, as well as its smooth bluesly clean tone. Feedback is a bit of a problem, and the pickups are wired wrong, still a good song.
Ive dropped this thing twice, and it hasn't picked up a scratch. The pickups are made of cheap plastic, and seem like the only weak part of the guitar.