Boss Power Stack ST-2

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Boss

Description Boss's version of the "Marshall In The Box" that a lot of people would like to have without shelling out a lot of dough.
Posted By Marty Priller (51)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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On 2/11/2015, Marty Priller (51) posted:
Overall Rating:
If your looking for a decent marshall sound without spending a lot of $ on either a boutique pedal or the real mccoy..this might be your ticket. I would check Pete Thorn's and Brett Kingman's youtube demo's out for this pedal and decide for yourself. This might one of best Boss's pedals ever and I rarely say that for an effect but this pedal does what it's supposed to do and that's rock!
9 volt but can also be opertared by an AC adaptor. It has 4 knobs Volume Bass Treble and Sound. No mids on this so this could be an issue with some people.
Sound Quality:
The Sound knob is the key to this pedal, it has 3 different types of distortion.... Crunch (Plexi) Drive,(JCM800) and Ultra (JCM2000).Just dial in the sound you're looking for. This is great for Classic Rock/ Hard Rock/Metal but if you're looking for super hi's not for you. Works great with a Strat or Les Paul but then again it depends on if this pedal is for you.The higher you go ito Ultra it gets slightly noisy so for me I park it between 9-12 o clock so I can get a great ol Plexi sound and up to 12 for an 80's style of sound and ait also cleans up great when you back the volume off you're guitar too.
Ease of Use:
Once you find the sound you're looking for just turn it up and rock out...simple as that!
It's a Boss so it's a tank so it can take the abuse!