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Description Dedicated to providing free text, video, and audio based music lessons for guitar, banjo, and mandolin. A constantly growing collection of free music lessons and articles, including samples of extensive instructional series available for purchase.
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On 1/6/2013, Mike Oppenheim (931) posted:
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Disclaimer: I am the author of this site, so I am certainly biased. That said, my goal is to create a five-star instructional resource for fellow musicians and students of music.

The Instructional Series Samples website is the companion site to my primary website http://mikeopmusic.com, reviewed here: http://www.wholenote.com/r11359--Mike-Op-Music.

The Instructional Series Samples site is the central location for free guitar, banjo, and mandolin lessons, as well as articles on music theory, world music, and general musicianship. All of the content on the site is instructional or educational in nature.

Currently, the site contains samples of my Beginner Guitar Series, Mandolin Improvisation Series, and Archived Video Lessons. In the future I'll be adding samples from my Beginning Guitar Series for Kids, Acoustic Guitar Accompaniment Series, and Fingerstyle Arranging Series.

There are also links to articles I've written for various websites and magazines.

This site will constantly evolve and expand, gaining more content, and more focused content. Users are encouraged to comment, ask questions, and make requests. I'd like to turn this site into a center for dialogue among musicians and students of music.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists