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Description I share my music, teaching expertise, and general music interests here. I blog on a broad range of topics including playing advice, reviews, and my thoughts on musics from across the globe. You will also find access to unique educational resources.
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On 12/29/2012, Mike Oppenheim (931) posted:
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Obviously I'm a biased reviewer, because this is my own site. That said, I've gone to great lengths to provide a 5-star product. Here I'll just provide an overview of what you'll find on my site.

The main purpose of the site is to share and explore my musical interests with an audience that shares my passion. My primary instruments are the guitar, banjo, and mandolin. I've also devoted a considerable amount of time to studying North Indian classical music and West African drumming. My interests extend from acoustic and traditional music, to jazz, to world music, to jam bands. In all cases, I am fascinated in the meaning people take from music and the manner in which music is learned.

My website includes album, gear, and book reviews for students of guitar, banjo, mandolin, and even uke and Appalachian dulcimer. You'll also find my commentary on issues such as approaches to learning jazz improvisation and the role of "cover" bands such as Dark Star Orchestra. I also post free guitar, banjo, and mandolin lessons regularly.

While the vast majority of the site is intended for consumption by amateur and hobby musicians, I also include links to much of my academic writing. Topics include pedagogy in North Indian classical music, treatments of the blues form, globalization of reggae, and guitar in world music cultures.

My music is also available to listen to. Examples include Afro-jazz fusion pieces, bluegrass, and solo instrumental guitar in a variety of genres.

I'd like to share this information with people of similar interests. Ideally, my website will become a place for dialogue between musicians of all interests. I'd love it if you check it out, and don't hesitate to send me a message!
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