Bright Size Life

by Pat Metheny

(1976) ECM #78118-21073-2

Personnel Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius, Bob Moses
Description Ok, I will admit to not being the biggest Metheny fan-he often leaves me scratching my head, wondering what the point of what he just played was.....but this album seems a lot more focused and accessible.
Posted By Jeremy Cotton (7938)
Directory Recordings: Jazz
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Overall Rating: 4.7 (of 5)
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Member Reviews

On 3/19/2001, elan posted:
Overall Rating:
This album is a beautiful introduction to pat metheny as well as jaco pastorius. sparse at times, moving always, and fluid throughout, the trio are supreme. i love the interplay between jaco and pat. this is a classic.
On 5/20/2000, Luke Mergner (303) posted:
Overall Rating:
I love the album. Two thumbs up and other such nonsense.
On 10/1/1999, Christopher Sung (9641) posted:
Overall Rating:
Pat's playing on this is a bit raw. I believe it was his first solo outing, but any album with Jaco on it deserves at least 4 stars.

I remember Pat once talking about what it was like to play with Jaco. He basically said Jaco was such a musical tour de force that Jaco didn't come and play with you, but rather you went and played with Jaco. You always had to go over to Jaco's side of the fence...
On 9/27/1999, Stephen Prunier (77) posted:
Overall Rating:
The thing that impressed me the most is, Pat was only a 19 year old when he recorded it.
On 9/27/1999, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a classic and one of my favorites. I suggest that anyone interested in jazz guitar invest in this one.
On 9/27/1999, Jeremy Cotton (7938) posted:
Overall Rating:
No standards or cliches here. A very digestible early Metheny work. Incidentally, a lot of the tunes here can be found in illegal real book 1, some under different titles.