Brossard Picks Wood, Bone, And Horn Guitar Picks

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Description Brossard Picks are beautifully hand-crafted guitar picks carved from a variety of materials including ebony, rosewood, horn, bone, and abalone.
Posted By Mike Oppenheim (931)
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On 12/1/2012, Mike Oppenheim (931) posted:
Overall Rating:
Although they are expensive, Brossard Picks are certainly worth a try. There are many options for package sets in the 20-30 dollar range. I am happy that I received mine as a gift, otherwise I would have missed out. In spite of the durability concern, these are fantastic picks for occasional use such as gigs and recording sessions.
I received a set of four Brossard picks as a gift. The set included picks made from ebony, rosewood, bone, and horn. Each pick is truly a work of art. They are visually appealing and are designed so that they may be attached to a chain and worn as a necklace or bracelet. The true appeal, however, lies in the sound. The use of exotic materials results in an extraordinary range of timbres and tonal possibilities. Each pick is approximately 2.5 to 3 mm thick, so they are well suited to jazz or flatpicking styles. My favorites are the bone and ebony picks. The bone has a very clear and pronounced articulation. The tone is loud and clear, and basically jumps out of your instrument. The ebony pick has a similar effect, but is slightly warmer than the bone, with a less punchy sound. The horn pick is more mellow than either the bone or ebony, producing a softer sound perhaps better suited for strumming. The rosewood pick, while beautiful, is too soft for my liking. It is fine for strumming, but does not produce the "pop" of the others.
The only downside to Brossard Picks are that they wear down relatively quickly. This is obviously due to the nature of the materials. I have always been rough on picks, as well.