by Joe Pass


Personnel Joe Pass, guitar
Description This is an incredible solo album. It features Joe Pass doing jazz standards completely by himself. He playhs bass and chords, melodies and chords...everything at once. He has 4 hands. Really.
Posted By Jeremy Cotton (7938)
Directory Recordings: Jazz
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Member Reviews

On 11/25/2004, John Meyer (319) posted:
Overall Rating:
Must be listened to by all, yes all.
On 10/17/2001, Tony Cook (2424) posted:
Overall Rating:
Throwing in my 5. Figure this album can't receive enough positive praise.
On 12/17/1999, Frederick Burton (5465) posted:
Overall Rating:
On 9/27/1999, Christopher Sung (9641) posted:
Overall Rating:
Yes, I'll second Jeremy's description. This is essential listening for anyone who's interested in playing multiple parts at the same time. Joe's a walking dictionary of comping textures, but at the same time, he plays incredible single-note lines. Joe also has a great sense of harmonic substitution and re-harmonization. A classic recording.
On 9/27/1999, Jeremy Cotton (7938) posted:
Overall Rating:
Very Cool.