Rivera BoneHead Steve Lukather Signature model

100W Head

Made by Rivera

Description The first system of it's kind to incorporate a subwoofer cabinet from the maker of some of the most wonderful amps in the world.
Posted By Craig Smoot (906)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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On 9/30/1999, Craig Smoot (906) posted:
Overall Rating:

First of all I'd like to point you folks to my rather extensive review on the Harmony Central web site.  The detailed skinny on this mutha can be found there.

Overall I give the Boner a '5' simply because there is no other all-tube 3-channel monster like this with it's tone and as many custom pro features.  Sure it's pricey (BTW, the total price I paid was for both the head and the LB212 cabinet), but for a great amp that'll deliver wonderful tone from generation to generation, this baby's the one!
Price: $2214.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Artist direct
Even with as many quality custom pro features that Paul puts into this amp and all his amps, this all-tube 3-channel head is still a pretty straightforward amp when it gets right down to it.  But it's crown jewel is the patented Los Lobottom subwoofer system, which can be run passively as an extension to your normal cab, or actively, which means that it's power source is external to the BoneHead.  The features are many, however, so to save time I suggest checking out my HC review at the link above.
Sound Quality:
Too sweet for words, but that's where my tastes happen to lie.  Basically put, it sounds like a modded Marshall on crack with a Fender Twin Reverb (sans reverb, of course) thrown in for the clean stuff.  If you're a fan of that classic "Brown Sound", then this is an amp that'll make you cream your jeans!  And the fact that your can change the amp's timbre by changing it's EL34s to 6L6s or 6550As (with a slight bias adjustment) makes this an amp for just about anyone.  [No one ever said you have to run it like Korn does, y'know.]  It's also got a Vintage/Modern switch in back that lets you change from Triode (raises even harmonics; lowers odd) to Pentode (raises odd harmonics; lowers even) tonal modes respectively.
Ease of Use:
It is incredibly easy to dial up killer tones, but the one thing to remember is that this super-high gain amp is unlike any other you've probably used before, and thus it doesn't take nearly as much juice to push it the way you're used to running your tone.  The only thing that might get confusing is running the Los Lobottom system actively, but the web site has an online owner's manual that explains how to do all that with diagrams.
Built like a tank!  It's even fallen to the ground from 2 ft. and it still cranks (probably did more damage to the tubes than the head itself).  The only thing that has worn at all on this thing are the metal corner pieces, which have a little rust on them due to the dank, humid practice shed that it lives in when we're not gigging.  I guess I should've gotten the cover to go with it, but oh well.  I like my gear a little "broken in" anyway.