Multi-Effects Floor Unit

Made by ZOOM

Description This is a straight ahead multi-effects pedal with a few interesting twists:
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On 10/5/2012, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
Much easier and intuitive than the Boss GT-3, GT-6, and GT-8, Korg Toneworks AX 3000g,
1) There is a real tube that can be swapped out with the tube of your choice. This tube is the last thing in your effects chain and can be used to organically add color to your tone for solos. (Granted it can't be exported via USB, it can be heard line our or via headphones.) 2) There are 9 effects slots that can be used at a single time. All effects either run left to right or right to left. Although any effect can be placed anywhere, it's best to think of it in terms of where your insert effects would be, amp, cabinet, modulation effects, etc. 3) The interface is intuitive. You have a pedal and 3 knobs, easy to read display.
Sound Quality:
Lately, I have been using the Adrenalinn III for recording because it easily fits into the 80/20 rule and creates some killer tones. Yesterday, I used an ABY box in order to see if I could replicate the tones. The first sounds I tried to model was a clean Fender Bassman amp with a 1x15 cabinet, and a touch of reverb. I had to add an EQ pedal to the chain in order to get the same sound... but in the end, the tone was no different. I also AB'd the sounds going guitar -> Tech21 Trademark 60 and guitar -> G5 -> Roland keyboard amp. The examples were identical - using a strat, Les Paul, and 335.
Ease of Use:
It is very intuitive, the Z-pedal is unique... it will take some thought to figure out how to best use the left/right swing of a pedal that also goes up.down.