Guyatone WR-2 Wah Rocker

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Guyatone

Description The tiny little envelope filter with the whopping bottom end spank (no pun intended).
Posted By Craig Smoot (906)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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On 9/24/1999, Craig Smoot (906) posted:
Overall Rating:
Like I said before, I truly dig this unit, but for a lot of you cats out there lemmie just say honestly that this unit is by no means the "Holy Grail" of envelope filters. It is cheap, though, so hell, even if you bought it and didn't like it you wouldn't be out much. For myself and you other cats out there who dig weird and unusual effects a'la Radiohead and Korn, I'd give this stomp an overall rating of '4'.
Price: $50.00 (new)
Only two knobs, Threshold and Decay, which control the attack sensitivity and wah effect decay respectively. It doesn't have the tweakability of the Mutron III, but it'll do if your needs are somewhat less demanding.
Sound Quality:
I love this little thing, but I'm personally into weird-sounding and otherwise useless effects anyway. However, I haven't had much luck getting useful tones out of it with my live rig (Rivera BoneHead 1/2 stack w/ Los Lobotom subwoofer cab) as the unit is either too intense (thru the clean channel) or not intense enough (thru the dirty channels). Go figure. The bottom end on this little mutha is outrageous! Good gawd man, I thought the subs in my Los Lobottom cab were gonna explode when I kicked this thing in while on the clean channel. Way too much for my rig, but for non-subwoofer guitar rigs this little purple beastie may sound perfect. Hey, I do know it sounds great through the Pig[nose] at home, so less-ballsy amps may find it's added bottom end a very cool asset. Also, if you use a battery be careful 'cause they don't seem to last all that long, and once the batt starts to go... so does your tone (i.e., no true bypass). All that said, I still think this is a cool little unit! For me personally though, I have heard better envelope filters in my day, but how many of those are this small and cost so little?
Ease of Use:
Two knobs -- what could be easier? However, every now and then I'll kick it in, hear it and go, "Wait a minute... that's not the sound I dialed in", only to find out that I must have accidentally brushed up against the knobs with my foot.
Well... here's probably where the unit's low cost comes from. It's housed in a small metal casing which I imagine can withstand persons of average weight and then some, but I'd hate to think of a 300-lb individual really stomping down on it. But the real iffy part is that the thin bottom lid is held in place by a non-industrial strength rubber ring that holds the lid and the housing together. You have to slip this ring off before gaining access to the battery, and I can see that taking this ring off and on over a period of time will only stretch it out more and most likely cause it to break. Hell, you'd probably be better off holding the back lid in place with duct tape.