Danelectro Transparent Overdrive

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Danelectro

Description Th line of cool cat pedals have, in my opinion, a unique and simple texture to their sound and the way they affect an amps tone They are a very durable and affordable way to add a basic tone change to your arsenal.
Posted By Zach Rollins (176)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 3/29/2013, Zach Rollins (176) posted:
Overall Rating:
This overdrive is perfect for classic rock, and you should use it with other pedals. You will find many unique tones.
The transparent overdrive has four different controls including a volume knob, two eq knobs which are treble and bass, and the drive. The jacks and knobs are located at the top of the pedal making the treble and bass knobs( which are stacked on each other ) a little hard to reach with the pedal lying flat. Other than that, the pedal is easy to use.
Sound Quality:
Beacause it is a transparent overdrive, it fits all my guitars including my strat style, my les paul style and jazz guitar. It vary diverse in its drive and volume. After playing on all my amp settings, I found it definitely did alter my desired tone. With the drive down low, it just adds volume and brightness to your tone. At 25% to 50% it starts to add some old school bite. From 50% on it tirns into a full on rock tone( especially with a fuzz pedal) that fits many different types of pickups. It is best suited for classic rock, blues rock and funky jazz. The only issue anyone might have with it is that it tends to get a little muddy on certain amp settings.
Ease of Use:
With the simple eq system it is not hard to find right balance after a few adjustments. It tends to sound particularly good slighly past a midrange tone.
Danelectro pedals are extremely tough being that there made out of medal( a few are made of plastic but are still durable).