Bogner Alchemist 112

40W Combo (1 x 1")

Made by Bogner

Description This is an all Tube amp with (2) 6L6 Power Tubes and (5) 12ax7 Tubes for the pre-amp.
Posted By Matt George (47)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 1/3/2011, Matt George (47) posted:
Overall Rating:
Overall it's a great amp to throw in the car real quick and take to a gig or session without having to bring all your typical special effects. The onboard effects are competent and do not introduce and signal noise. It is light and loud, the two power modes allows for small and big venues. Get one!
Model Year: 2010
Price: $629.00
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
The signal is routed to two channels, Clean and Dirty. The clean channel has a gain feature which allows it to be contured for a Crunch sound. There is also a Boost feature for both channels. And 20/40 watt modes selectable. The amp has digital delay and reverb effects built into the units head.
Sound Quality:
The 6L6s are very warm and open. Very nice and clean, but the clean channel doesn't do well for accepting an external effects unit. I tried running a GSP 1101 into and and got signal noise and feedback to a slight to moderate degree.
Ease of Use: