Larry Coryell Power Jazz Guitar

by Larry Coryell

(2001) Guitar Player Musicians Library

Description This is one of several books that Coryell has published in the subject of instructional advanced power and fusion jazz. It is an incredibly original and pioneering instructional book. It includes one CD
Posted By Zach Rollins (176)
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On 12/30/2010, Zach Rollins (176) posted:
Overall Rating:
It is an excellent book containing songs of his that he has recorded over his career. He explains very comprehensively and shares his method of improvisation and dissonance in a genius manner. If you want to improve and delve into a deeper and advanced style of jazz this is a must have. He explains whats scales he uses to what chords and helps birth new ideas to the reader and uses them in realistic song scenarios. This is a perfect book for learning both jazz and technique. There nothing better than learning from a legend like master guitar player Larry Coryell.