Fender J5 John 5

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Fender

Description Standard Telecaster body style with double binding and satin neck
Posted By Marc Langevin (90)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 12/3/2010, Marc Langevin (90) posted:
Overall Rating:
Any one looking for a guitar should give this a GOOD look, it does it all I play Jazz, rock , Blues and most everything else and have owned over 200 guitars From Gibson to Teisco Del-Ray's this is a keeper road worthy and eye candy I will not ever sell mine and bang for the buck , it can't be beat not by anyone
Model Year: 2010
Price: $379.99 (new)
Where Obtained: Musicians Friend
Made over seas I believe japan, Mahag, body maple neck, rosewood fretboard 22 frets six strings frets are med heavy I think, they feel good great to push, One switch 2 Buckers, Sp ,PU's Pearly Gate and something, No tone knob as the Vol , are One for each PU. They have great roll-off The three way switch allows you to blend plenty of TWANG as well as over the top Chunk Hey It's J 5's guitar Vintage guitar had a review with him that's how I found It. It was created in the Fender custom shop For Squier . It come's in Black and has a whit Double binding top and bottom This is the Best GUITAR to buy Right now !! neck is fast and it is what every Telecaster player always wanted
Fells like heaven , Lg hands may have a problem, It feel's like a soft D shape fretboard id smooth finishing on the frets is great edge is nice for the fret size The nech is alike that of a Fender American Deluxe
Sound Quality:
Let me say the sound is from Country TWANG to August grind , Jazzy and the clean sound is sweet
Well its new but built like a Telecaster, it weights about 8 LBS like a Les Paul, great quality tuning keys nice bridge set up Stays in tune