ESP GL-256

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by ESP

Description The GL 256 is the more expensive model of the 2 George Lynch ESP series guitars . It is a superb strat style guitar with a rich and versatile tone that I would match against any other Stratocaster cheap or expensive.
Posted By Zach Rollins (176)
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Member Reviews

On 6/7/2010, Zach Rollins (176) posted:
Overall Rating:
Overall, it is the perfect blues guitar for its price, and is more than affordable. I would match this guitar with any other strat guitar out there. I have not tried any different pickups on this guitar, but, I would recommend it, just for adventurous purposes. If you try it out, I promise you will not be disappointed.
Price: $500.00 (new)
Where Obtained: music store
It is manufactured in Vietnam. All features are stock and completely company made including pickups which have two single coils and humbucker.It is a standard 22 fret guitar. It sports all the usual controls of a regular Strat guitar but with more depth to all settings in my opinion. It has a fairly realistic road worn look and a floating tremolo system for light vibrato. It is a five way switch with very distinct tones for each one
The playability is absolutely amazing. I have played many Fenders with smooth necks, but none like this one. Top to bottom, there is hardly any action even down low. I find it both suitable for shredding and slow blues,(or fast blues,tee-hee)
Sound Quality:
This guitar is great for all types of amps. It is not quite suitable for extremely high distortion pedals, but fits perfectly with mild distortion. It is a very versatile guitar for any style, but fits best with blues rock. With all the available tones on this guitar, you can sound like Stevie Ray Vaughn to Michael Angilo Batio. It does give some feedback but no more than any other strat.
For the price, it is quite a tough guitar and very road reliable. All hardware hold up fine during harsh climate. No necessary adjustments are required.