TC Electronic TC SCF

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by TC Electronic

Description Professional Stereo Chorus Flanger that has become a standard for the past 25 years.
Posted By Randy Hano (12149)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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On 1/23/2010, Randy Hano (12149) posted:
Overall Rating:
I own several great floor flangers and choruses (A/DA, Ibanez CS-9, etc). Overall this is the KING of all of them. I have been wanting one for 24 years and it took me 24 to get one. I would definitly replace this unit with another one if I needed to. This is one where you accept no substitute. One just has to try this unit and you will be sold.
Model Year: 2008
Price: $289.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Harbor Music
-Mono Input to Mono or Stereo Out -Bypass control that allows you to bypass the effect via any external relay switching system -AC Power only 110-220V -The unit can do one effect at a time: Chorus, Flanger, Pitch Modulation.
Ease of Use:
This unit is your standard dial up unit. Plug in, tweak and play. There is not alot of fiddling in order to get a great quiet sound and since there is no programming, you can adjust your effect on the fly if you have to change settings for a certain song or effect.
For 25 years this unit has been a standard for musicians. The sound that this unit produces is just pure quality for such a great product. TC has been a standard among professionals and this product follows that line of quality.