Xotic BB Preamp


Made by Xotic

Description The BB Preamp is an overdrive/distortion built by Xotic. This baby when dialed in just right can replicate the hi-gain gain amp sound of a Marshall (british) amp.
Posted By Randy Hano (12149)
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On 12/25/2009, Randy Hano (12149) posted:
Overall Rating:
Xotic just released a custom shop version of the BB Preamp called the BB Preamp MC. This unit has a mid frequency control added to the Treble and Bass boosts. This might be advantages to others but I am very happy with my BB unit. The mids that I need come through just the way I want them!
Model Year: 2009
Price: $170.00
Where Obtained: Harbor Music
Treble, Bass, Gain and Volume controls. There are no tubes in this baby but it is not digital either. As for power, it can be used with AC adaptor (optional) or a 9V Battery. This unit has true bypass switching.
Sound Quality:
The BB is used with my Marshall JCM800 and Jet City amplifiers. My guitars are a Fender Strat, a G&L Tele and a Les Paul guitar. In conjuction with this pedal, the tone just sings use it. My primary use for this pedal is for creating a fat singing tone. I normally use a Boss Super Overdrive but now the BB has taken its place. With the Bass boost I now have a rounder tone in my solos. Being a high gain pedal, you have to remember to either shut it off after use or use a noise gate. The clarity of your notes are just worth it though!!!
Ease of Use:
The one thing I love about simple effects are that I can set it and forget it. The BB has four knobs to tweak and adjust, nothing more nothing less. Just tweak and dial for what you are looking for and play. If you do have to tweak, you can do it in a live situation without missing a beat.
The case is similar to MXR style tank box. Only time will tell how much abuse the pedal will take. The upside is that the manufacturer has a lot of studio players that use it for both recording and live use so only time will tell.