by Portishead

(1994) Uni/Polygram Pop/Jazz

Description dark, moody trip hop. Sort of a lo-fi techno feel, but with slow rhythms that just lull you into a state of peace. This is some incredible stuff.
Posted By Shaun Krisher (8)
Directory Recordings: Electronica
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Member Reviews

On 6/27/2001, Ga Thomas (1904) posted:
Overall Rating:
Of all the bands to emerge out of the Bristol scene Portishead is my favorite. With this, their debut release, they sound fresh and original. The songs are great and Beth Gibbons voice is unforgettable.
On 3/19/2001, Mark Webster posted:
Overall Rating:
This is THE definitive trip hop CD. No one else comes close. The somber "Sour Times" is like a film noir anthem and "Strangers" showcases very dancable trip hop at it's moody zenith. Beth Gibbons comes across as a sultry lounge diva backed by tastefully if not ingeniously sampled cuts from the past. Check out "Pedestal" and "Glory Box" as well. This is an amazing recording!
On 9/9/1999, Drew Todd (1193) posted:
Overall Rating:
Indeed, a good compilation of muted hues and tripped beats. Beth Gibbons' vocals are quirky and cool. Track 1 ("Mysterons") is downright spooky and the somewhat commercially successful "Sour Times" will comfort anyone seeking temporary solace in depression. The rest I liked, though they didn't stand out as much.

Oddly, I find this collection to be excellent nighttime driving music, FWIW....

Pretty sparse, though, guitar-wise. Not that it matters, I suppose.
On 9/8/1999, Shaun Krisher (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
I was impressed with all the songs except the 6th one. Something just seems off with it a little. But, all the rest are swimmy, deep and moving. You just feel lost in this pulsing fog of sound that pushes against you until you find yourself swaying to the beat.