Line 6 Spider III 15 Watt

15W Combo

Made by Line 6

Description A nice travel amp for it's price and size, the Spider III 15 Watt Combo amp provides four different factory preset channels, 6 different effects and customizable tones.
Posted By David Hendrix (569)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 4/14/2009, David Hendrix (569) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at Peavey's Marshall's, and some Raven's, but this one is very good. Easy to find your way around, easily personalized, rugged construction, good tone and volume, what else do you need? The only way this amp could be better is if they reduced the amount of interference it gets from neighboring electronics. Again, the only thing bad is the interference from other electronics at high volumes. Here is the info page at
Model Year: 2008
Price: $99.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center Store
It has 4 different preset channels, and the ability to change these as you see fit. The amp includes 2 different effect knobs, each holding 3 different effects, and are able to use two different ones at once, ranging from barely noticeable to overpowering. There are also many different controls, like gain, treble, mid, bass, channel volume, and master volume. This amp can go extremely loud for a 15W with the channel volume built in, allowing even extra volume control. This amp has solid state electronics, but is not bad at all.
Sound Quality:
I use an Epiphone Les Paul with it, and it gives me the exact tone I need for my music style. This amp is well suited for many kinds of music, even clean, although the factory preset on clean has a reverberation, you can set that off by yourself. This sound compares relatively well to any other amp I've used, but just holds less volume. The amp is noisy with fluorescent lights and with certain cables, but not noticeably. With some interference, at high volumes this becomes a screech, but at low volumes it works extremely well and distorts nicely, even a built in distortion adder is in the amp.
Ease of Use:
This amp is easily programmable, and is very easy to create your own tones, even add effect to your presets if necessary. This amp does not need a lot of knob-turning to get a good tone, just turn some down, and some up, and you've got it. This amp has a significantly smaller number of settings than in other amps I've used, and is a lot easier to control.
This is very reliable for live playing, as long as there is not noticeable interference at low volumes, or else it will be bad. I've had this amp for a while and it has required not maintenance what so ever. And it's construction is very durable, all steel and hardshell casing, not plastic or anything like that.