Line 6 Dr. Distorto

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Line 6

Description Multi functional Overdrive Distortion pedal. Very sturdy build. Tone shaping controls for dialing in a great tone.
Posted By Randy Combs (6529)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 2/10/2009, Randy Combs (6529) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is really a top notch overdrive/distortion pedal that will get overlooked and soon discontinued, probably because of the name, Dr Distorto. A shame because this pedal can get you a bunch of big tone sounds. The switch is solid and that is a big plus.
Model Year: 2008
Price: $30.00
Where Obtained: ebay
This pedal has gain, tone and volume controls that all work well together in shaping a great overdive or distortion. It is both battery powered and also can be AC powered with an adapter. I used both a Visual Sound One Spot and the Line6 adapter and got the same reults with both, no noise.
Sound Quality:
I used my Classic Vibe Telecaster and my Gibson Les Paul with this Dr. Distorto and my Silverface Fender Pro Reverb and it sounded great. I could dial in a clean boost, a nice mean crunch and singing solos. With the Les Paul I nail Ted Nugent's Stranglehold. A really good pedal to beef up your tone.
Ease of Use:
Not hard to use at all. Like most pedals you have to keep tweaking the controls to get the sound or sounds you want.
This thing is built to stand a grenade blast. The wiring and board inside looks well done.