Backing Tracks With Vocals

Description New website with rock backing tracks, and Multitracks with or without vocals. You can choose from a variety of backing tracks for guitar, bass and drums.
Posted By Kevin Stroud (8)
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On 1/28/2009, Kevin Stroud (8) posted:
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This website provides a choice of classic rock backing tracks with or without vocals for guitar, bass, and drums. It also has a choice of multitracks which allow you to solo or mute any instrument in the song in any combination. This is a great feature as you can isolate a guitar making it much easier to learn, and then bring in the drums or bass etc to see how it fits in the song. Once you have learnt how to play the song on your guitar bass or drums you can mute the instrument you are copying so that you can play along, or even record yourself playing in the song. The multitracks are also ideal if you are forming a band and want to rehearse at full volume whilst still looking for band members as you can store the multitracks onto your laptop and plug it into your PA and let the multitracks play the parts of the musicians you are missing.