Bleed It Out

by Linkin Park

(2007) Warner Brothers

Description This song combines post-hardcore with soft indie styles, which makes it great. The soft and simple 4/4 drumming and simple guitars with heavy distortion and bass accompanies Chester Bennington's loud singing and Mike Shinoda's rapping.
Posted By Adrian Dupree (4969)
Directory Recordings: Alternative
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On 12/22/2008, Adrian Dupree (4969) posted:
Overall Rating:
Bleed it Out is a soft but hardcore song of Linkin Park. If you compare this song to previous songs such as Numb or even Faint, it is unique but preserves some of the rapping style.

This recording could have been slightly longer. It may be simple, but the short duration of the song makes it less noticable however.

Favorite aspect? The simple, gritty guitar sound and Mike's rapping. I have never liked screaming except in small amounts which is great for this song. The rapping is somehow great (even though I don't listen to rap).

Worst aspect? The lyrics are a bit emo-ish but they can be interpreted in many different ways. However, the song is generally about anguish and self-loathe which is what the title suggests.

The guitar playing is minimalistic. No skill is involved, but that's not what music is about. The high-pitched power chords were composed well enough and the solo goes well with the vocal line.

THis song makes me want to play it on my guitar even though I am a shredder type.