Burn It To The Ground

by Nickelback

(2008) EMI

Description The song is a perfect example of great hard rock. It's however a modern form of hard rock that you could expect from Northeastern America. It has a bluesy solo and a continuous, catchy driving rhythm.
Posted By Adrian Dupree (4969)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 12/22/2008, Adrian Dupree (4969) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have generally always liked Nickelback. Their previous albums such as Silver Side Up were softer and more melancholic than their newest material. Every one of their albums are unique and fun to listen to however. Dark Horse really does have a heavier sound to it and the album cover even shows it.

This album features heavier guitar riffs and stronger lyrics dealing with serious matters that tell the truth about society these days. This describes the song that I am reviewing; it has an almost metallic rhythm to it just like the other songs of the album. The lyrics are pretty obvious but fit the song just right.

Chad's high-pitched singing is great and I do appreciate the bluesy soloing which fits in quite well. It seems like the guitarists use lower tunings often which is typical of hard rock.

If you like nice grungy, bluesy hard rock, then this is for you!