Brad Larsen PowerTab

Brad Larsen

Version 1.7 (Build 80)
Platforms Windows 95/98/Millennium/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Size 5.9 MB
License Free
Description Great for creating and sharing guitar tablature. Invaluable tool for anyone teaching guitar.
Posted By Sam Kohitolu (88)
Directory Software: Tab/Notation
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Member Reviews

On 1/28/2010, Ken Richardson (9051) posted:
Overall Rating:
Its helping me to get a better handle on reading standard notes since it will generate standard notation as well as tab.

I just got it , but am tabbing my own tunes on it.
Price: $0.00 free (new)
Where Obtained: free download - Harmony Central
VERY EASY TO USE!! It will accomodate open tunings, and give you a chord chart based on your tuning. I actually made up a tuning and can generate charts based on it! It will export and import MIDI too. It is free and so easy so I will say excellent here.
Ease of Use:
Very easy to use. I have not used any thing else to make tab except pencil and paper.
On 11/1/2008, Sam Kohitolu (88) posted:
Overall Rating:
If you want to create professional looking tab you can share with the world look no further.

That best part is its FREE!!!! And contains no spyware or adware.
Price: $0.00 (new)
Where Obtained:
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists
One of the great features is an output to *.bmp format which can be edited in any graphics editor ie: The gimp ( then saved in any of the popular web formats such as jpeg png etc. It creates professional looking tabs that inclue standard notation and guitar tablature.
Ease of Use:
Extremely easy to use