Peavey Mystic

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Peavey

Description Its more of a metal guitar than anything. Its got railed humbuckers. One volume knob and two tones. One 3 way pickup selector. Tremolo system.
Posted By Chris Hammond (417)
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On 10/11/2010, Chris Hammond (417) posted:
Overall Rating:
This guitar is an overall great guitar for live/studio use. I choose this guitar because it was unique. It dosn't look like any other guitar. All my friends who see it say it reminds them of the b.c. rich warlock. My favorite aspect is its playing ability. The worst aspect is that if you use the tremolo, it throws the guitar out of tune slightly. But when tuned perfect, and not using the tremolo, this guitar will stay in perfect tuning for like 2-3 weeks.
Model Year: 1983
Price: $300.00
Where Obtained: Counts Brothers Music
Peavey manufactured the Mystic between 1983 and 1986. The neck is made from hard rock maple using Peavey's patented bilamination construction to prevent twisting and warping. Inside the neck, between the two maple laminates is a fully adjustable steel truss rod - with rolled threads. This truss rod is adjustable at the nut end, using Peavey's adjustment tool. the guitar has a slant peg head design, with all six machineheads in a straight line. The body is made from unspecified hardwood, and finished in weather and mark resistant polyester-urethane. It has a double cutaway and rib-cage contour for ease of upper fret access and playing comfort. The body style has a conventional double cutaway couple with two large horns: like a combination of a strat and flying V. The pickups are very high output full-range humbuckers with blade pole pieces using a unique patented dual/single coil circuit. This allows humbucking or single coil operation of either or both pickups through rotation of the tone controls. The pickups are fully shielded and potted to reduce microphones and electrical interference. The circuit used in the guitar allows a wide tonal range, without the use of active electronics. The three position pickup selector toggle switch (military grade apparently) allows each pickup to be used independently, or both together when in the middle position. When in this position their tonalities can be blended with the tone control. There is a single volume control which operates both pickups, and two tone controls: one for each pickup. The guitar uses medium-heavy fret wire: with 18% nickel silver construction. There are 23 frets in total, with a scale lenght of 24.75 inches. The bridge is a die-cast unit, triple plated in chrome wth adjustable saddles. The chrome plated machine heads have a 14:1 gearing ratio. The nut is made from polycarbonate. The guitar has a neck tilt adjustment feature, which is used in conjunction with the truss rod adjustment to set the perfect string angle.
This guitar has a very comfortable feel to it. The strings bend great. It has an aggressive tone to it when you add overdrive. It's tone is very sharp. It plays rather well then some I've played with. It's in pretty good condition compared to other peavey mystic's I've seen. Which there havent been to many. One small "scratch/dent" like blemish by where the strap hooks on at the top. A few very small dings you would expect from something as old as it is. The neck dosn't affect my playing. The rib-cage contour for the upper fret access makes things easier on me.
Sound Quality:
I use a marshall amp with it. It feels good for rock and metal. Strait-up great sound quality!
Great for live performances. For its age, everything fits, sounds, performes excellent!