Sean Clancy Enteprises Guitar Freak Workstation With SightReader Extreme

Sean Clancy Enteprises

Version 1.0.0
Platforms WIndows XP, Vista
Size 20 MB
License Shareware
Description The only software to train guitarists and bassists(4,5,6 string)how to sightread.Jazz voicings,chords scales,Perfect and relative pitch,the Invertor,the progression trainer.Lots of other tools you knew you needed-but nobody ever made them until now!
Posted By Sean Clancy (51)
Directory Software: Instructional
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Member Reviews

On 8/2/2008, Sean Clancy (51) posted:
Overall Rating:
Well, considering that Guitarists generally pretty poor sight-readers, this creates 4 bars of sight-reading completely tailored to the user and amazingly useful. I created this software out of a total lack of usable real-world software for guitarists. I was tired of drawing diagrams of scales to chords and vice versa. I wanted an easy way of building runs that worked really well over a chord - and I wanted to have progressions to train them over. Well now, I have made Guitar Freak Workstation, it's the most used music software on my computer!
Price: $60.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Sean Clancy Enterprises
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists
Complete with Sightreader Master Extreme, Guitar Freak Workstation forges new ground in Guitar Training software with tools such as the invertor. Take your sweeps, chords, etc, up through scales and chords, progression creator and trainer - practice your licks and comping, perfect pitch training (4 different methods), Cross reference chords to scales and vice versa. Hear and play. Create resource pages for you and your students. Runs on Windows XP and Vista.
Ease of Use:
It installs well, needs to be installed as the administrator if on Vista. A very comprehensive help file and tutorial. Personal support for purchasers. Users can register either the Sightreader Master Extreme part or the full version. No other software has any of the features that Guitar Freak Workstation has - there are tools here that guitarists knew should be available but weren't until now. There are 2 free trial runs before you should register it.6 years in the making.