Behringer TM 300

Multi-Effects Pedal

Made by Behringer

Description This is one pedal that can not only give 3 different types of amps but also 3 different types of mic placements with just one switch.
Posted By Martin Priller (574)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 7/16/2008, Martin Priller (574) posted:
Overall Rating:
For it's price it's a great alternative to a lot of these modeling pedals that are out there.So if you're on a budget check it out,in fact I bought a second one after my 1st one was stolen.
Model Year: 2007
Price: $20.95 (new)
Where Obtained: ebay
It has 4 knobs on it for volume lows/highs and drive but also has 3 switches for miking(classic,center and off X,)mods(clean,hi gain and hot)and amps(tweed,brit& calif).It can use either an AC adaptor or 9 volt battery.
Sound Quality:
This pedal goes great with really any style.A flick of the switch and it can go from a tweed(fender)to a brit(Marshall) to a calif(Boogie)and sounds amazingly close to those amps.But what makes it special is the the use of the mic switch.I prefer to use the center on that to get a an almost real miked sound.
Ease of Use:
It's very straight foward so all you have to do is find what sound you want and go have fun doing it.My favorite setting is using the center for the mic, clean for mod and brit for amp and making a few adjustments with the knobs you can get a good marshall like sound with a good amount of distortion from this pedal.
It's only drawback is that it's plastic so you really don't want to get too stomp friendly with it and also like digitech's pedals you need a small object to poke in the sides of the pedal itself to change a battery so maybe an AC adaptor would be handy with it.