by Children Of Bodom

(2008) Spinefarm

Personnel Alexi Laiho − vocals, guitar Roope Latvala − guitar Janne Warman − keyboards Henkka Blacksmith − bass Jaska Raatikainen − drums
Description Nothing like COB's older songs! Older songs sound too alike. Lot heavier and darker than their previous.I saw Children of Bodom live in May. Sounded good live compared to lots of other bands live. Alexi laiho is hot like usual! Luvya man!
Posted By Jessica Chan (91)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 7/1/2008, Jessica Chan (91) posted:
Overall Rating:
How does this record compare to any previous ones by this artist? Well it sounds abit more darker and heavier. How could this record have been better? Uh nothing. Its good as it is. What's your favorite aspect of this record? The worst aspect? It's children of bodom! Is there great guitar playing on it? hell yeah! Alexi Laiho is one awesome shredder. Can the guitarist be compared to another player? He could beat me in a shred-off ANYTIME. Anything else you'd like people to know about this record? Warning: melodic death metal. Not for old ladies or those who can't listen to anything too heavy.