Kramer Pacer Custom 1

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Kramer

Description Excellent guitars with the best action. Although most of these guitars were made in the mid to late 80's they have excellent action. I sometimes go to guitar center or sam ash and pick up a $3000 gibson and play it, yet my pacer blows this guitar away.
Posted By Erik Yars (126)
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Member Reviews

On 3/27/2008, Erik Yars (126) posted:
Overall Rating:
Kramer Guitars are legendary for their playability. Ultra low action with no bottoming out during extreme bends. Three piece neck(two pieces of slab sawn maple laminated to quarter sawn piece in the middle) make the neck extremely strong and resistant to warps and twistings. These American Series Kramers always came with the best hardware: Seymour Duncan Pickups, Schaller tuning machines, and the original Floyd Rose bridge. The sound is also exceptional; clear voicing, killer lead tones and harmonics, lots of sustain and low noise. Although most of these guitars were made in the 80's (kramer shut down their Neptune, NJ factory in 1992) many can still be found on ebay at very reasonable costs. I sometimes go to Guitar Center or Sam Ash and play many modern, high end guitars (such as 2007 Gem, and Gibson Les Paul) but I have yet to find one that can play better than the kramer Pacer
Model Year: 1987
Price: $400.00
Where Obtained: Ebay
3-Piece Maple neck, 6 strings, Single Volume Control, Switches to turn pick-ups on and off, HSS configuration, Seymour Duncans(JB Hum, APS-1 Single Coil), Schaller Tuners, Original Floyd Rose
Best guitar I've played so far.
Sound Quality:
Heavy metal to Jazz, and Blues
This guitar was made in the late 80's. It's still tight, straight, and solid.