Black Sabbath Greatest Hits 1970-1078

by Black Sabbath

(2005) Unknown

Description Black Sabbath Greatest hits 1970-1978 is pretty self-explanitory. It's the greatest Sabbath songs from '70-'78.
Posted By "Hard-Ball" Hall (123)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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On 3/18/2008, "Hard-Ball" Hall (123) posted:
Overall Rating:
Being that it's a GREATEST HITS record it's a lot like their other albums. The only problem i had with this record is a problem i have with every other greatest hits CD made. There were too many songs. I think they probably didn't need to put all those songs on there. some just wern't at a level of "greatest hit". Otherwise it's a very good cd from the inovaters of metel themselves, Black Sabbath.