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Description Pandora is a website where you can tell the website in a sense what music you like and it'll set up a certain list of songs for you. if you don't like one of the songs you can delete it and it won't play that song to you again. it's free and convienent.
Posted By "Hard-Ball" Hall (123)
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On 3/28/2008, Evan Duff (789) posted:
Overall Rating:
Pandora Radio is great. I recently got onto this online radio when a friend of mine showed me it. I listen to a variety of genres, all I have to do is make a channel for each genre using my favorite bands as guidelines and this thing does the rest of the work. Very nice tool.
On 3/16/2008, "Hard-Ball" Hall (123) posted:
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This resource isn't all that imfomative but it's very convienent. It's one oof the best radio sites out there. It lets you listen to music you like and you don't have to do anything. it's radio on your computer. There are no bad aspects about this site other then the fact that it can't read your mind so you might get a song or two you don't like but thats easily solved.