Encore E6B

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Encore

Description If your starting out it'll do.
Has all the features of a Stratocaster, shape is pretty much the same too.
Posted By Albert Wesker (144)
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On 2/9/2008, Albert Wesker (144) posted:
Overall Rating:
4* for it's price. It's not bad if your starting. Wouldn't recomend to amateurs as you could afford Squier Standards. (see other reviews)
If, however, your game is to learn guitar on the cheap, this guitar is for you. It's taken a beating from me and still plays, just sounds cheap thats all but hey, it IS cheap so there ya go, does what it says on the tin.

Basically put, for the price you can't loose. Buy it for your kid if you have one.
Price: $40.00 pounds
Where Obtained: A Friend
First off, this is what they are called now. Mine doesn't bare the same name but features it does. It was my first ever guitar so I thought I had to review it hehe!

Has all the features a Strat has:

S-shape body, 3 pickups, 1 x volume & 2 x tone controls, pickup switch, vintage trem, 6 in a line tunes etc.

It's really lightweight and does feel cheap but that's what it is.
Well it plays well enough. It got me to open chord / barre chord / powerchord playing no problems.
Once again, I don't play low action but as that's the obsession with people these days I spose it might do it but then again, it might be unplayable.

It's a bit too light and the tone is reflected in this but again, for a guitar that costs 100 new, who cares! You'll buy a better one beofore you gig anyways, or maybe not, I gigged with it when I was jus a wee beginner. It didn't go wrong.

Trem does as vintage does: Small dips. You can get it to angle to get raises as well but I have it flush to body.
Stays in tune pretty good actually.

All in all, for price it plays pretty well and I do mess around with it still even now playing Fenders / Squiers.
Sound Quality:
Well as I said, it's pretty light by cheap wood means, not by quality, so it's tone is reflected in this.
However, for target audience that doesn't matter as you'll wanna learn to play, not sound like your hero.

The usual single coil hum etc etc sounds like a cheaper Strat that's all. Not excellent but not bad either.
Well about 3 months after I got it from a friend I was maintaining it (yes I did and that's how I learned too, take note!), the nut broke on the low E, so using DIY skills I tuned it around and used a hack saw so I would fit the strings in...It's still like that today LOL!

My point being, the nut most prob wont break on you, that was just from mistreat before BUT if it does, unorthadox DIY methods will see it playing as before HAHAHAAA!!!