Micheal Kelly Patriot Custom

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Micheal Kelly

Description Ebony fretboard is really slick beautiful sunburst finish grover tuners and set neck Les Paul sound , easy to play
Posted By Rick Oram (78)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 12/31/2007, Rick Oram (78) posted:
Overall Rating:
I would buy another if it was stolen. I like these type of guitars because of the fat tone. Favorite aspect is the guitar plays so smooth.

Oh I would love a Gibson Les Paul Standard, but like a lot of people, I don't have that kind of cash. But this guitar will surprise you.

I am a little p---ed off at LA MUSIC because the guitar had a nick on the back when it arrived here. So they want me to pay the shipping back to their company. Also the case they sent me seems too small for the guitar. I won't get any more stuff from them. But these guitars are great.
Model Year: 2006
Price: $500.00 500.00 Can. (new)
Where Obtained: L A Music Canada
Made in Korea Body is mahogany with maple cap and mahogany neck 22 frets medium jumbo,abalone block 6 string guitar grover tuners 1 volume, 1 tone, coil tapped 2 rockfield pickups
Just a great playing guitar with a fat sound Neck is Les Paul style. Better than Epi LP
Sound Quality:
Peavey Delta Blues 210 -warm fat tone Fender Deluxe 85- crappy amp. Normal noises just like every guitar
Should last a long time No alterations to be done to the instrument Neck is straight and guitar is easy to hold The pups are fine so why does everyone think they have to change the Pups on every guitar you buy?