Live In Amsterdam


(2003) Eagle Vision #EV 30084-9

Description TOTO's 25th Anneversary Live In Amsterdam DVD. 15 Live tracks of the sheer amazement.
Posted By Randy Hano (12149)
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On 12/27/2007, Randy Hano (12149) posted:
Overall Rating:
When I saw this video back in 2005 in my hometown music store, I was floored. It sounded like Luke and company but the music was rich and live. It didn't have the processed sound of studio musicians but the true character of a live performance put to perfection. I knew TOTO was built on studio cats but watching this video this made them come to life and as great players are this performance showed that they are great players!!!

The great part of the package is that a CD of the DVD accompanies it. Two great products for one price.

Steve Lukather - Guitars/Vocals Mike Porcaro - Bass Simon Phillips - Drums Bobby Kimball - vocals David Paich - Keyboards/Vocals

Musicians extraordinaire!!!