Yhe Definitive AC/DC Songbook

(2003) Amsco #1.84449.025.7e

Description Every AC/DC song in tab form with a few exceptions
Posted By Duncan Mcneil (407)
Directory Books/Tab: Blues
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On 11/18/2007, Duncan Mcneil (407) posted:
Overall Rating:
This sonbook is the holy grail to AC/DC fans!It is in tab and music form,has most lyrics included and sections for second guitarist(malcolm young).It goes into more depth than most instructional D.V.Ds and seems to be more accurate!There is pretty much everything in it for the beginner and the more experienced!It is easier to follow Angus`s lead than a D.V.D! The book does not come with a C.D but if you know AC/DC you dont need one.The best thing a bout this book is that it has EVERYTHING on AC/DC and its great in the winter cos its massive and keeps the draught out from under the door!!!!Get this book if you are at all interested in great rock and blues or a draughty doorway or even a real wonky dining room table!