JBL MR-825

Made by JBL

Description 2 way PA cabinet
Posted By Alan Roberts (10065)
Directory Equipment: Pro Audio Gear
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On 11/8/2007, Alan Roberts (10065) posted:
Overall Rating:
Great bang for the buck for musicians on a budget. Outperform anything in this price range new. These are 80's model speaker cabinets that are still operating flawlessly after a quarter century. I bought these as a low cost/ high performance solution to amplify small club gigs in rooms up to 150 people at a moderate volume. Mostly acoustic with bass, vocals and percussion. Would also make great side fills and monitors for larger shows in a larger system.
Price: $400.00
Where Obtained: locally
2 way cabinet with 15" speaker. Rated at 250 watts continuous/1000 peak. 101 db @1 watt/ 1 metre. 1/4" inputs. Built in x-over. Used for small clubs. Stand mountable.
Sound Quality:
Sound quality is excellent, but may be a bit harsh to some due to large horn/compression driver. EQ is recommended.
Ease of Use:
Plug and play. A bit on the heavy side for one person to move. (60 lbs)
Speaker and horn are nearly indestructable under normal use. Handles are plastic and may break as they get brittle with age. Tolex covering willl show tears and dings with use/abuse, but cabinets are sturdy and built to last.