Parker Fly Deluxe


Made by Parker

Description The Parker "base" model with all the trimmings.(Not the see-through finish)
Posted By Matt Richard (900)
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Member Reviews

On 12/29/2002, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
-I was trying to decide either between the parker fly deluxe or the gibson sg(any of the models). I decided on the Parker because it just had so many more features, the neck was smaller and easier to move around on, I love the finish, I just plain love the guitar.
-I would definatly buy this guitar again considering I could afford it.
-The guitar could be better using new pickups to get a nicer sound.
-My favorite aspect was that of the neck, the worst would probably be the price tag
Last words
Some people will love this guitar, others will swear by Gibson. However my opinion is they and fender are overrated, get out there and try some different guitars, included this one. If you like it go for it, I did and it was a great decision.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $2500.00 Can (new)
Where Obtained: Edmonton
-Made in the US I believe
-Body is poplar, neck is basswood. Despite what you may think it is actually very durable
-24 stainless steel frets, glued in. Will not come out.
-3 volume knobs: 1 master, 1 magnetic pickups, 1 piezo pickup. 2 tone knobs: 1 magnetic pickups, 1 piezo pickup.
-2 switches, 1 controls the pickup for the magnetic(front, back, both), and one for which pickups to use(piezo, magnetic, or both)
-2 humbuckers and a piezo(bridge) pickup which makes the guitar sound acoustic, fairly well done.
-Has a switch on the side that allows you to go mono or stereo, if you have it on stereo it comes with a special cord so you can plug it into 2 amps, 1 amp will give out the piezo pickups sound, and the other will give out the magnetic pickup sound.
-Glossy finish looks very nice
-Sperzel Locking tuners, very nice
-Weighs 4-5 pounds, amazing for standing a long time
-Takes a 9-volt battery to run the piezo system, lasts around 100h though, and will give you a warning light on the back that stays on when the battery has about 2h left.
-Vibrato system that allows you to make it so it can bend up or down, or fixed which makes it so it is basically non-vibrato(used for changing strings, tuning guitar, action adjustment)
-Action is set perfectly for what I want
-Neck is extremly smooth, beatiful for shredding or any other type or playing
-Plays much better than any guitar I have ever played!!
Sound Quality:
-I use the Parker Fly Deluxe with a Dean Markley(old old) amp and a Boss MT-2 Distortion Pedal, gets a good clean sound as well as distorted with the pedal
-I play metal mostly and it works great for it.
-Any type of music you wish to play will be playable with this guitar!
-the sound at some configurations is somewhat hollow, but it can be fixed by changing your settings or the pickups your on
-Could use new pickups but is good for now
-Is quite reliable as long as you check the battery, which there is an indicator on the back for
-Does not need to be adjusted often, not even tuned often since the locking tuners are there.
-Despite the wood that it is made of(poplar body, basswood neck) It is extremely durable and can take a beating I suppose(don't want to try tho =))
On 7/23/2001, Paul Hachem (303) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at a number of other guitars, but most other guitars are revered for their PAST. When you buy a Les Paul or a Strat, you're paying for history. When you buy a Parker, you're paying for technology. I'm wanting to move forward with music, create new sounds, etc., and the Parker delivers on that aspect. My favorite feature has to be the playability of the guitar. The headstock looks pretty damn cool too. Worst feature: it requires a battery, even for the humbuckers to operate. Sucks, but I understand why it's necessary, and it's a small price to pay for a guitar of this quality. Also I think the vibrato system could use a little tweaking, but this is a very minor gripe. Overall, I consider it to be the most playable guitar on the market.
Model Year: 1999
Price: $1500.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Hangar (
Made in US, Majik Blue (beautiful),poplar body with carbon fiber/glass reinforcements, 24 frets (very smooth), piezo pickup at bridge, 2 Dimarzio humbuckers, controls to switch from piezo to humbuckers to piezo/humbucker combination, independent tone and volume controls for piezos and humbuckers. Sperzel locking tuners (work terrific). Vibrato bridge enables you to choose from locked to down-only to free-floating. As far as features go, I think one would be hard pressed to find a guitar with more to offer than the Parker Deluxe.
This guitar came from the shop with action lower than any I have had on my guitars. Along with the carbon/glass fretboard, it facilitates levels of speed and clarity that I never thought I could achieve from a guitar at the present stage of my ability. In short, it truly plays faster than any neck I've ever played on. At first I had a slight problem with bending the strings, as they are closer to the fretboard and the scale length of the neck is a little longer than most guitars I've owned, but I quickly caught on and as a result, I've noticed improvements in my finger strength and technique. The only problem I've had is with the free-floating setting on the tremelo bridge. I can't seem to set it perfect, and as a result, the bridge doesn't always return to home. I think this is a fault of my own rather than the guitar, and in light of that and the incredibly smooth fretboard I have to give it a 5.
Sound Quality:
When I first received the guitar, I was blown away by the piezos. Running through a PA or a stereo system, it does a very good job of emulating an acoustic sound. I was not impressed by the humbuckers at first, however (I'm used to playing a Strat and hearing the single-coil sound). After playing with them for a couple of days, I am much happier with them. And when you get the humbuckers and the piezo blended just right (especially split between two amps), the guitar sounds phenomonal.
Being that this guitar is reinforced by the carbon/glass epoxy, Parker claims that it will never (or at least rarely) need adjustments to the truss rod. The intonation was slightly off when I received it, but once I adjusted it, it was right on the money, all the way to the 24th fret. When you hold it, it does seem fragile, but that could be because it weighs so little. I have only had it a month, though, so I will not venture to give it a perfect score.
On 7/30/2000, Jeff GIlles posted:
Overall Rating:
Definetly like this guitar. Since buying it, I hardly have played my other guitars for the last year. Would buy another.
Price: $1700.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center, Seattle
Graphite neck and body are incredible. Been playing for over 30 years and have never played anything with better action. I really dig the piezo/magnetic combination. Allows the ability to generate some truly interesting tones, from very mellow P90 sounds to raucous as you want.
One of the basic features I have to have in a guitar is excellent action coupled with a relatively wide neck to allow me to finger pick. The Parker fits this bill better then anything I've tried. Even with different string weights the action really doesn't change. It is simply something you have to try to believe.
Sound Quality:
I'd rate the sound as basically warm. I like the way it sounds unplugged even. My only problems have been when playing stereo through two boxes and sometimese getting some line noise. Still trying to isolate the problem, but doesn't seem to be the guitar.
One year and counting with no problems. Appears to be extremely durable and resistent to weather influenced changes with the epoxy/graphite composition.
On 3/16/2000, Bob Patterson posted:
Overall Rating:
Best materials, sound, action, and weight of anything out there.
Model Year: 1998
Price: $1700.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Demoed at Guitar Center's Rhythm City, Atlanta
Has everything I need and the some. Main thing is Light Weight because of my bad back.
Best playing guitar I've ever played in my 32 years of axe-slinging. Superb action. My Ibanez RG 450 DX Wizard Neck is crap compared to the Parker.
Sound Quality:
Best of all worlds. From dirty to mellow to rhythm to acoustic. Watched Farner play acoustic part of "Closer to Home" on one. Amazing!
Graphite doesn't warp! I understand it normally comes with a gig bag - no hardshell required.
On 8/24/1999, Matt Richard (900) posted:
Overall Rating:
As you can see,I sound like an endorsee for KORG U.S.A.:]In reality,I bought one ,just like everyone else,and I cant say enough about it.They are a bit higher in price tag,but believe me,its WELL worth the wait.Its the first guitar Ive bought,where my next purchase will DEFINITELY be another one.The only problem is,what color to get NOW?:]...
Price: $1799.99 (new)
Where Obtained: C & M Music Center
As most people know,this is be-all-end-all of features.Sperzel locking tuners,carbon-glass-epoxy fingerboard,stainless steel frets,custom Dimarzio humbuckers,active EQ,selectable tremelo from locked(Les Paul type),down only(strat),and full floating(Floyd rose).Active Fishman acoustic system with stereo,mono options.Oh,and it weighs 5 POUNDS!!!!
This thing plays TOO good.It almost spoils you.Action is ridiculous,and it is very consistent throughout the neck.
Sound Quality:
Again,top notch.Huge bridge sound(My ibanez 6 & 7 strings sound like paper when A-B'd side by side) The neck is very warm,and the middle strat sound rules for clean,funky stuff.
Its the ONLY piece of gear I own that is a year and a half old and not been in the shop yet.With the band I play in,we are EXTREMLY rough on our stuff.My Ibanezs,Kramers,etc.. just cant take it.The Parker never buckled.