MXR Micro Flanger

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by MXR

Description This is a small flanger from the 70's. It is built like a brick and sounds great.
Posted By Kevin Martz (278)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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On 8/22/2000, Kevin Martz (278) posted:
Overall Rating:
The MXR micro flanger is excellent for someone who wants a straight ahead flanger with no frills. It doesn't do anything other than flange, but it is extremely good at it.

I would definitely buy this unit again. It is one of my favorite pieces of equipment.
Price: $50.00
Where Obtained: Over the internet
The MXR Micro flanger has two controls; rate and regeneration. It is strictly battery powered, mono and solid state. My unit has some trouble switching on and off, but that may be due to age.
Sound Quality:
I have used this unit with both a Fender Champ and a Marshall JCM 800. It has a very distinctive sound quality, somewhat like a chorus. It makes your sound shimmer, and produces a very clean sound, that sounds somewhat compressed (when playing with no distortion). I have found it very useful for playing rock. If you think you've never heard a flanger, its all over Van Halen albums and Rush as well. I would rate the unit above DOD and Boss flangers, but I've never heard a MXR Flanger, or an Electro Harmonix flanger, which are supposed to be amazing. The effect is not noisy at all, and only does one job- but it does it well.
Ease of Use:
This unit is very easy to use. It also works with flanging and chorus units very well. They all compliment each other.
This unit is built like a brick. It weighs about 2 pounds, while being the size of a large bar of soap. I would use it anywhere.