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Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Dean

Description A very good Telecaster copy. Anice playing and great sounding guitar.
Posted By Randy Combs (6529)
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Member Reviews

On 8/3/2007, Randy Combs (6529) posted:
Overall Rating:
I am amazed at how well this guitar is built for the money they cost new. Definitely a great value for the money. It just sounds great and is totally comfortable to play.
Model Year: 2006
Price: $103.00
Where Obtained: ebay
It is a Korean made guitar with a basswood body and a maple neck. 21 fret neck. Standard Tele setup with 2 single coils, one volume and one tone control with a 3 way switch. It has a bolt on maple neck. Ihe finish is a poly based material. Real Grovers tuners that keep the guitar in tune.
It plays excellent with a great feel. The neck is not too thick or too thin, very comfortable. The bridge has sidewalls like a real Fender so there is a place to rest your habd while picking.
Sound Quality:
I have used this guitar with a Peavey Triumph 60 and a KUSTOM WAV 210 amps. Sounds very good with both. The middle and neck positions are dead silent, the bridge pickup position does have a little noise but most single coil pickups do. Tele's are mostly for Country and blues, but the pickups are hotter than standard Tele pickups and sound great on rock. The amps help here.
It is heavy for a Tele. 8 pounds 14 ounces. But built likr a tank. Poly finishes are pretty durable, so no problem there. The tuners are as good as you can buy. The switches and bridge are quality so they will last.