Description FingerWeights target the extensor(speed muscles) and flexor muscles(essential for purity of tone), the tiny muscles that open and close the fingers. When ordering, please enter FWCJ07Q3.
Posted By Cathleen Jones (26)
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On 10/4/2007, Cathleen Jones (26) posted:
Overall Rating:
I enjoy using FingerWeights. I received both sets, one for music practice and exercise and strengthening, and the other set for athletes. The sets arrived in one day. The company is very responsive to any of my questions. I believe you will see positive results when you use FingerWeights during practice times. If I didn't feel highly of FingerWeights I probably wouldn't be an affiliate and be able to save you 25%, when you enter FWCJ07Q3 as the discount code. I recommend buying the ten-finger set, when you compare it to buying two five-finger sets, it will cost less. If you have any questions, please contact me at or Jason Geller at

Cathleen J Jones FingerWeights Affiliate/Reseller FWCJ07Q3