Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster Combo 2x12

100W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Mesa/Boogie

Description 4 independent channels with 3 modes each. Each channel has independent reverb & wattage (50/100 watts) as well as effects loop status, tone, master volume and gain controls. Overall output control and solo control.
Posted By Rob Stanley (41)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 6/18/2007, Rob Stanley (41) posted:
Overall Rating:
The best amp I have ever played through. Versatile with more juicy tones than you will ever need. I will not hesitate to buy another one if anything were to happen to it.
Model Year: 2007
Price: $6195.00 AUSTRALIA (new)
Where Obtained: Billy Hyde Music
This is an all tube amplifier with 4 separate channels, all footswitchable. Each channel has it's own gain, treble, mid, bass, presence and master volume control as well as 3 distinct modes for each channel. Each channel has it's own independent status for effects loop, wattage and rectifier. Channel 1 - Clean, Fat, Tweed. Channel 2 - Clean, Fat, Brit. Channel 3 - Raw, Vintage, Modern. Channel 4 - Raw, Vintage, Modern.
Sound Quality:
I'm using an Ibanez Custom S Series with DiMarzio pickups. Each channel has it's own distinct voicing. Dialing in a tone is quite fun, as the tone controls really sculpt the sound quite dramatically with minimal knob twiddling. The cleans are very bright and sparkly, yet retain tons of warmth and bottom end. The high gain settings blew me away. Dialing in a mid/low gain crunch and playing on the neck pickup, I've got the ultimate funk or tasty blues sound. Saturating the gain brings on the pinnacle of metal overdrive and lead sounds with a massive bottom end. One thing about this amp that really took me by surprise is the volume. It is LOUD. It sounds bigger than and Marshall 4x12 and it's bass is enormous.
Ease of Use:
After a read through the manual, this amp is quite easy to run. There's nothing too complicated to figure out. The hardest thing for me was finding the best tone to use for each channel out of an infinite amount of dream tone settings.
This amp is new, so tube life is hard to estimate and will vary with people's different styles and use etc. There is one thing about this amp that is probably a drawback if you are looking for a combo for portability - it's weight. It is built like a tank. Literally. It weighs about 50kgs. It has an all steel chassis and 14ply cabinet. Lucky it has casters and heavy duty side handles. But, this is understandable when you think of the grunt that is packed into it. This amp will last forever physically if looked after properly.