Ibanez AF86 VLS

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Ibanez

Description This guitar is a hollow body electric with dual pick ups. It is a fire maple finish with a rosewood fretboard. It has Mother of Pearl inlays in the frertboard and tailpiece.
Posted By Chuck McCann (41)
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On 3/14/2007, Chuck McCann (41) posted:
Overall Rating:
I also bought a solid body electric guitar by Lotus, and a Cedar Ridge acoustic, and there is obviously no comparision there, but I enjoy them all for their individual character. I mostly use the Ibanez because it gives me the best of both worlds, I can play it plugged or unplugged with a great sound and consistency. Overall I believe it is a great guitar for what I want to do, and I would purchase another on just like it if something ever happened to this one.
Model Year: 2006
Where Obtained: Machen Music
This guitar was made in China with a maple body. it has 22 frets, with twin volume and and tone knobs matching the body's finish, and one three way toggle. It has passive electronics and locking tuners.
This is my first guitar so I don't have any previous to compare it to, but it is very easy to play, the neck is narrow enough to reach all six strings without much effort, but enough room for bending when you want too.
Sound Quality:
I use a small peavy rage amp for now and the sound is crisp with limited excess noise and nice sustain. I bought this to learn the blues, and it seems to be a very good choice, my instructor leans more towards rock and he plays it as much as I do when we are together, he says the action allows for a variety of styles and preferences.
I have had no difficulty with it since I brought it home, it is easy to change the strings and holds its tuning well. I have not needed to make any major adjustments on it yet. The center body strap lock is a little in the way when useing a strap and standing, but it is a very minor issue. I don't know how well it will fare with weather conditions as I keep it in a central location in the house with limited climate changes.