Godin LaPatrie

6-String Guitar

Made by Godin

Description Very nice guitar, the sound is beautiful and the wood finish of the guitar is fantastic.
Posted By Totonio Joey (8)
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On 2/27/2007, Totonio Joey (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
I chose this guitar because i wanted to have a nice guitar that had a nice sound and i just didn't want to spend all my money on the classical because i already had to pay my 2,000$ 62' Fender Jaguar Ressuie. I would buy this guitar again if someone had stole it. This guitar couldn't be better. Its a great guitar. My favorite aspect is the sound and the finish on the body. The worse aspect for me doesn't really exist.

Model Year: 2004
Price: $550.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Long and Mcquade
This guitar is made in Quebec, Canada. The body is made out of maple and the neck is made of rosewood. It has 19 frets and it is a classical guitar. it has 6 strings. The finish of the guitar actually took 10 days to do. They made the vernish in 10 days and it is very nice and it looks beautiful.
The sound of this guitar is fantastic. It is great to play some classical songs and also does the job for some acoustic songs. The neck is wide and is very conforble. This guitar is the best classical guitar that i used so far.
Sound Quality:
The sound is absolutely amazing. Very clean and very nice sound. I play classical guitar and some acoustic songs. I play a lot of Nirvana with my electric (wich is a 62'Fender Jaguar Vintage) and with my classical i can play Nirvana songs that are acoustic and it just sounds great. This guitar is great for any other styles really but it is the one of the best for classical style. This guitar is actually made for stage because the body is a bit bigger than the normal classical guitars and it makes the sound more deep and loud.
This guitar is hand-made and i like it a lot when i play live. It is loud and the sound is just beautiful. The guitar stays easely in tune (when it is kept in humidity). This guitar does not have any strap-locks but i only play acoustic and classical guitars on a chair.