Gibson Super Medalist

30W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Gibson

Description This is the 2x12 version of the Duo Medalist. It has two channels, normal and a reverb/tremolo channel. These amps where made in the 60's at Kalamazoo, MI.
Posted By Chris Bontrager (535)
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On 2/21/2007, Chris Bontrager (535) posted:
Overall Rating:
I bought this amp from a guy off of ebay because the price I got it at was a steal. I have seen Medalist sell for around $250 and I got this one for only $154 and that included shipping and handdling. I had never played a Super Medalist before, but since I do own two other Medalist, I figured I would take a gamble. If this amp got stolen I would definately try to get another one, but this is only the second Super Medalist I have seen on ebay for the past year, so I doubt I would find one. I love my Medalist amps and if you ever want to ask me more questions about them please feel free to.
Price: $133.00
Where Obtained: Ebay
This amp contains two channels with two inputs per channel. The normal channel has a volume, treble and bass knob. The reverb channel has a volume, treble, bass, reverb, speed and depth for tremolo. It does not have any channel switching, but this can be taken care of with a simple a/b footswitch. You can also chain the channels together for a more agressive sound. It is powered by two 7591 power tubes which make it roughly a 30W amp. Plenty of power for any gig you may do.
Sound Quality:
For a list of all my guitars and pedals, just check out my homepage, but I mostly use my tele running through a boost->od->another boost. These give me my basic sound with some of my other pedals just adding stuff periodically. I play in a rock band and our styles vary from song to song. This amp works for all of the styles we play. This amp is very similar to my Duo Medalist except that this is a 2x12 and still has the original speakers. This amp will not distort on its own, which doesn't hurt my feelings at all. It does break up a little when on 12 (yes the volume goes up to 12...beat that Nigel Tufnel). Even though it stays clean, put an overdrive pedal in fron of this amp and it will scream. Very bluesy sound. One beef I have with this amp is that the treble is too much. I think it is just a problem with my amp, because my Duo Medalist does not have this problem and it does not have this problem in the reverb channel.
Ease of Use:
Very simple to use, plug in guitar and go. It does take a couple of minutes of tweaking the treble/bass knobs to get the sound you want, but one you find it no more fiddling.
This amp is close to 40 years old and only has some minor problems. Probably nothing that my local tech guy couldn't fix, but I don't want to spend the money at the moment to have him look at it. These medalist amps are built like tanks. This weighs a ton which is a pain for hauling back and forth, but I doubt it would hurt it much if it fell (besides maybe hurting the tubes)