Godin Godin Freway Classic-MN

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Godin

Description I'ts a performance Series./Solid body/black pearl
Posted By Frank Carlston (20)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 3/28/2007, Frank Carlston (20) posted:
Overall Rating:
Over all when I start just doing my thing I'ts gives me a SPACE IN TIME***
Price: $495.00 Can (new)
Where Obtained: Long&MCQuade
First double cut awy in a few years./So 495.00 Canadian was a good price! Traded a squirer-strat made IndoChina. I's a versatile Bluse&Rock giging axe."Bouitiqueguitar" at bluecollar price.She has a maple neck,In my humble opion the sustain is above average.The neck it self is 25&1/2 scale,medium jumbo frets the neck has a ergo cut(beveled in ).She has double action truss system,it insures neck stability & is capable of adding and removing relief also too the neck. The body;center block is silver leaf maple;the wings are have light poplar.The above mention s.l.maple is an excellent tone wood.The s.l. maple weight and density simliar to mahogany.The warm "tone" I get from the siler leaf (s.l.)is an perfect compliment to the rock maple neck!They conected the neck and body wood too wood,with out glue or paint-"Delivers max.neck/body energy tranfer."To achieve a balance to the guitar,the (s.l.)core are flanked with light poplar wings "This produces a comfortaby light guitar with 'heavy guitar' resonance." This guitar is the best one I've played Electronics Godin hum.-single-hum :Tremolo brige has a 5 way switch pos.A vol. /tone pots.She has 3 pick ups/whammy bar:it locks in with push in and turn:comes out in reverse way.I don't have any problems with bar being loose,I like it better than the threaded type. (6) Strings go through the body.Pickups are Godin hum-single-hum configuration which do'es give a good acoustic respones.The fingerboards come in rose wood or maple.On my MN-modle came with Indian rose wood.My self prefers rose wood,emphasizes the mid range,it's a little more focued their They say maple finger boards has dip in the mid range,accentuate the top/bottom frequencys? Differant strokes for differant folks!
Plays better than any other axes I've played or owned there is one flaw;no pick guard! P.S.I will add some more feed back on my pride&joy./ I'm back and have had this gutiar for just under 1 yr,didn't have to adjust or fine tune Godin. I elec. tune it every time plug it in. And I also test open string to concert pitch/400hrg/ then Ihold down the open string at the 12 fret and it should be in tune/only an octave up.So the double truss rod keeps the curve in the nack stable. And Im happy about that.But I'm taking my axe in for aonce over before it's off warranty.
Sound Quality:
Execellant mid-range&sustain go'es on for ever!!
Thats my Pride&Joy it's solid