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by John Grant Violent Magdalena

(2007) Not Siged Yet...

Personnel Joe Ramirez-acoustic guitar Mandrick Twist-voclas
Description It is the result of his from what I read, experimentation with alternate tunings the outcome is intersting i leave it up to you to be the judge. J.g.
Posted By Joe Ramirez (703)
Directory Recordings: Acoustic/Folk
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On 2/6/2007, Joe Ramirez (703) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is the bands first recording and is done well I think. I am big on harmony vocal lines that would have made it a little nicer...but, not better.The feel of the record is dark the acoustic guitar souds really good he's got a good live tone a bit more bite could help, overall he puts some basic ideas on the guitar with some good twists and turns. go to there my space website and check it out.