Ibanez AS120

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Ibanez

Description 1995 Artstar AS120 Trans Red with gold hardware. Super 58 pickups. One neck and One Bridge. Rosewood neck with block inlay. It is a semi hollow body with a solid wood block. Grover tuners. Round ears with a small headstock. NICE.
Posted By Mike Pickel (41)
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On 11/29/2007, Mike Pickel (41) posted:
Overall Rating:
Absolutly the best guitar I have ever owned. I've been blaying 43 years. I've had about every name brand guitar made. This AS120 is bassically a copy of an ES335 but with what I consider better craftmanship, tone and overall sound and feel. I replaced my 1968 ES 335 Orange Lable with this Ibanez. But always remember, everone is different. What feels good to me may not to you. You have to consider soundwise what you plan on doing. You will eventualy have a quiver of guitars. I use a strat with bill lawerence blade pickups with a Fender neck from 1986. That just fits for me. I also use a Larrivee LV03-6RE for my six string acoustic, a Larrivee LV03-12RE to cover 12 string recordings and upgraded the Larrivee's with Ebony Ping 18:1 ratio machine heads and Ebony Abalony Bridge Pins for a warmer sound. ELexer Nano strings on both, an Alverez Singature Yari from 1974 for my Classical and a Yamaha G235 for Classical and Flamingo. I play an Ibanez SR505 5 string bass with active pickps and a Fretless Fender P for my bass quiver. Gold tone 5 string banjo for that area and a Kamaka Hawaian Hamdmade Pinaple Uke to cover that range. See what happens when you get old.
Model Year: 1995
Price: $44900.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Private Party
This guitar was made at the Cort Factory in Korea in 1995. It has round horns and the small headstock. The body is Maple and the finger board is Rosewood with block inlay. It has two super 58 pickups. 500K mini pots with .223 caps on the neck and bridge that I changed. See below. The body is exactly the same measurements as a Gibson 335. The set in neck is a couple mm thiner all the way up to the body. Tuners look like grovers with white plastic buttons. I have a trans red finish with white triple binding that aged very well. I think the smaller headstock lines the strings up better for the intonation perfection. Bridge is a Gibson tunamatic with a stop tail piece. Solid maple block through the body with one extra rib completely throught at the neck base. Built very well.
The neck is so thin that it is super fast as Ibanez gutiars are know for that quality. I remember back in 1976 with the law suit models, walking in to a music store and thinking I was playing a well but together gibson Flying V and looking harder to see it was an Ibanez.
Sound Quality:
This guitar was made in the Cort Factory in 1995 and has REAL super 58 pickups. Sound great with the factory caps but I put .047 orange drop caps to get the warmer gibson sound. It came with .223 I changed the three way switch as well for a better one that does not leak. Pots were all match with less than 5% tol. It's quiet, warm, and works great recording. I use a lexicon Omega with cubase software to record with.
Rock Solid. It even has a few more braces that the gibson or eppi has. Stays in tune and intonation is righ on the money. I did put strap locks on it as I do all my instruments that have a shoulder strap. Climatic changes does not seem to bother it. The gold is faded which all gold does. I live on the river and leave it hanging on the wall of my studio and it does not seem to effect it.